ll CCNP Collaboration it exam be missed good luck, Harry Potter, sir, good luck See you later, Dobby Harry shouted, and he sprinted along the corridor and down the stairs, three at a time. The entrance hall contained a few last minute stragglers, all leaving the Great Hall after breakfast and heading through the double oak doors to watch the second task. They stared as Harry flashed past, sending Colin and Dennis Creevey flying as he leapt down the stone steps and out onto the bright, chilly grounds. As he pou.nded down the lawn he saw that the seats that had encircled the dragons enclosure in November were now ranged along the opposite bank, rising in stands that were packed to the bursting point and reflected in the lake below. The excited babble of the crowd echoed strangely across the water as Harry ran flat out around the other side of the lake toward the judges, who were sitting at another gold draped table at the water s edge. Cedric, Fleur, and Krum were beside the judges table, watching Harry sprint toward them. I m here Harry panted, skidding to a halt in the mud and accidentally splattering Fleur s robes. Where have you been said a bossy, disapproving voice. The task s about to start Harry looked CCNP Collaboration around. Percy Weasley was sitting at the judges table Mr. Crouch had failed to turn up again. Now, now, Percy said Ludo Bagman, who Cisco Certification wa.s looking intensely relieved to see Harry. Let him catch his

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
300-070 Implementing Cisco IP Telephony & Video, Part 1(CIPTV1) Cisco CCNP Collaboration
300-075 Implementing Cisco IP Telephony & Video, Part 2(CIPTV2) Cisco CCNP Collaboration
300-085 Implementing Cisco Collaboration Application v1.0 (CAPPS) Cisco CCNP Collaboration
300-080 Troubleshooting Cisco IP Telephony and Video (CTCOLLAB) Cisco CCNP Collaboration