Mike “The Martini” Ponticello Spotted at the Glove City Sports Lounge Saturday Night!

Kid Chronic May 13, 2013 0

With the race for Mayor of Gloversville in full swing, Republican candidate Mike Ponticello got some much needed shut eye at the Glove City Sports Lounge Saturday night!

But hey lets cut the guy a little slack, running for mayor ain’t easy after all, and he did just get back from vacation in Myrtle Beach. And we all know how boogie boarding and martini drinking in the summer sun can drain your energy…

Currently this sleepy little fellow is winning the NY Encore Poll of the upcoming election with 70% of the vote. Lets just hope if he wins the race, that he can at least stay awake at his desk! Personally I think Gloversville needs a revitalization, and the only way we can do that is to vote in politicians who are up to the monumental task of attracting new corporations to the area. Gloversville needs new businesses that hire people by the hundreds and thousands, to open new locations or relocate to our city. This is the only legitimate cure for our failing local economy. Is Mike “The Martini Ponticello” up to the challenge of seducing these corporate giants to the Glove City? That definitely seems questionable at this point…

Mike Ponticello Gloversville

KID CHRONIC’s SIDE NOTE: One of the things I love about Gloversville is it is still the type of city where you can go to the bar and pass out schwasted in your mom jeans and fancy watch, and nobody bothers you. In Florida ,where I reside, if you pulled a stunt like this, you would wake up in your tighty whiteys to find out that some hoodlums had robbed you and charged a trip to Puerto Rico, four paintball guns, and a Jet Ski, on your debit card! True story that actually happened to a guy I knew once.


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