Rudy Giuliani spoke to CNN about Michael Cohen saying he doesn’t think that Michael Cohen is going to lie about Donald Trump and the things he’s being accused of with the Russian investigation. Giuliani is confident that Cohen does not have any incriminating information to share with prosecutors.

“I do not expect that Michael Cohen is going to lie. I think he’s going, to tell the truth, as best as he can, given his recollection. And, if he does that, we’re home free,” Giuliani said.

So will Cohen tell “the truth?” Last week Cohen seemed to be separating himself from President Trump.  The one-time loyal advisor recently changed his Twitter account editing his work title as the lawyer to the President. Many people think that this is Cohen’s way to let Trump know that he is going to cooperate with the prosecution. For the past year, Cohen has denied participating in or knowing anything about the collusion with Russian during the 2016 campaign.

Even though Cohen hasn’t said anything about whether or not he is going to flip on the President, sources around him are saying that he might have information about Trump and others in the President’s circle to share with investigators. Cohen is worried that if he does tell the truth the President and his lawyer Giuliani will make it their job to trash Cohen’s reputation and make his life a living hell. At present time Cohen is referring all inquiries to his lawyer Guy Petrillo. One source adds that Cohen has not been informed which criminal charges he might be facing.

So now we wait to see if Cohen will, in fact, turn on his one time trusted friend. It seems that Cohen never intended to spill what he knows went down with Trump and Russia but after Trump’s behavior where he basically washed his hands clean of Cohen, Cohen is finally seeing the light and knows he won’t be anyone’s punching bag.

Cohen is saying, one source adds that he is “no longer taking a bullet for you (Trump), no longer a flunky.” Cohen has turned over roughly 2 million documents to investigators. a source adds.