Author: Patrick Zarrelli

Examples Of Horse Racing Supplements And Where To Buy Them

Health basics such as good diet, exercise, appropriate training, and prevention, are key to healthy horses and creating the best racing ability. Sometimes good health behaviors are not enough, or you are looking for a little bit of an edge to keep your horse as healthy as possible and to optimize their performance. That’s where good horse racing performance supplements come in to add the extra edge to good diet and physical activity. At Racehorse Meds, they offer a large selection of 38 different performance supplements. The have the best online selection of everything you need to support your...

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What Is Omeprazole Paste And How Can It Help My Racehorse?

Equine gastric ulcer syndrome is very common among performance horses, with a reported prevalence of approximately 90 percent in racehorses and also greater than 50 percent in foals. Luckily the prevalent issue can be alleviated through the use of Omeprazole Paste, but how does the racehorse medication work exactly? Let’s take a look. What Is Omeprazole Paste? Omeprazole Paste is used to treat stomach ulcers in horses and works to suppress the stomach acids that cause ulcers in horses. Omeprazole Paste also prevents equine gastric ulcer syndrome, which can be a painful condition for horses. The oral paste is delivered via...

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South Florida Outdoor Living Design Trends: What to Expect in 2019

As we are soon to wrap up another year, it’s a great time to reflect on the design trends for outdoor living throughout 2018 and to start to consider what we expect to see in 2019. A new year is always exciting, with new ideas, new possibilities, and new goals. With all the great designs of this past year, we are even more excited to see what unique projects are created in 2019. The mecca of outdoor living design trends has to be Parkland, Florida. Parkland has unique zoning laws to keep green spaces open and landscapes protected. The result...

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