According to various movie review sites and Hollywood gossip blogs, the John Travolta movie Gotti, based on the biopic of the Gamino crime boss John Gotti’s’ rise from made man to top dog is getting bad reviews, with Rotten Tomatoes giving a 0% score. Even Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s movie Gigli back in 2003 received a 6%. Travolta, 64, stars as the late John Gotti, the leader of the Gambino family with his wife Kelly Preston playing the role of John Gotti’s wife, Victoria Gotti. The film was directed by Kevin Connolly who started in the series “Entourage” on HBO. Insiders are saying, several directors passed on the moving including Oscar-winner Barry Levinson, before it trickled down to Kevin Connolly.

It took eight years for John Gotti Jr. to bring his father’s story to the big screen. Gotti was initially announced in 2010, but the project didn’t begin to move forward until 2015. The film’s supporting cast was rounded out in 2016. John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston have been doing a press tour for the movie but even with all the attention John Travolta and Kelly Preston bring it has been getting bad reviews.

The New York Post’s Johnny Oleksinski said, “Gotti flick is the worst mob movie of all-time…I’d rather wake up next to a severed horse head than ever watch Gotti again.” Reviews are saying people were put off by how the film tries to pain Gotti as an NYC local hero. Peter Travers with Rolling Stone said, “Insane testimonials from Gotti supporters at the end are as close as this shitshow will ever get too good reviews.”

EW’s Chris Nashawaty gave the film a C in his own review, writing, “It’s hard to see why Travolta stuck it out for so long. It’s not a good movie. But the blame can’t be laid at its star’s Ferragamo-shod feet. Decked out in a closetful of shiny wide-lapel suits, snug goombah turtlenecks, and pinkie rings the size of hubcaps, Travolta somehow manages to summon a ferocious and committed performance while everything else around him falls to pieces. He’s as Teflon as Gotti ever was.”

Many people, however, are saying that despite the movie reviews they are interested in seeing the biopic of the mob man especially since John Travolta is the starting role!