People swarmed to attend the wake of 15-year-old Lesandro “Junior” Guzman-Feliz who was brutally beaten and stabbed to death by a gang of men outside of a Bronx bodega. Police said the murder was a case of mistaken identity regarding a sex tape.

19-year old, Kevin Alvarez, 21-year-old Jose Muniz of Paterson, New Jersey; 21-year-old Jose Taverez, 18-year-old Manuel Rivera, 21-year-old Danel Fernandez, and 24-year-old Santiago Rodriguez of the Bronx; and 24-year-old Joniki Martinez of Freeport, New York have been arrested for the murder, gang assault and manslaughter charges against Lesando. The police said they arrested the men after they raided a local home known as a hangout spot for the Dominican gang Trinitarios suspected in the murder.

The killing of the 15-year-old boy was a case of mistaken identity according to police. Lesandro became involved in a dispute that turned fatal with the gang over a sex tape. Police believe that the victim resembled a young man who raps in a video that shows the girl having sex in the background, the girl is believed to be related to members of the Trinitarios gang.

The killing of Lesando “Junior” Guzman-Feliz was captured on surveillance camera. It shows the pack of men dragging the victim by the hood of his jacket out of the bodega and stabbing and slashing him with a machete before running away. You then see Lesando standing on the corner with blood pouring from a wound in his neck. He runs across the street and heads to a nearby hospital but collapses a block away.

Investigators said he had told his mother he was going to the bodega a block away from his house to either repay a debt or lend $5 to a friend. He never made it home that night.

Family, friends and strangers gathered to mourn Lesandro ‘Junior’ Guzman-Feliz Monday as the innocent teen’s mother Leandra Feliz wore a t-shirt with her son’s face on it and thanked everyone for attending, saying that her ‘heart is broken’. ‘He was a sweet kid with a very good heart,’ she said.