As we are soon to wrap up another year, it’s a great time to reflect on the design trends for outdoor living throughout 2018 and to start to consider what we expect to see in 2019.

A new year is always exciting, with new ideas, new possibilities, and new goals. With all the great designs of this past year, we are even more excited to see what unique projects are created in 2019.

The mecca of outdoor living design trends has to be Parkland, Florida. Parkland has unique zoning laws to keep green spaces open and landscapes protected.

The result is a quiet, tropical, and affluent town of under 25,000 people in a total area of under 15 square miles with Coconut Creek, Florida to the east, Coral Springs to the south and the Everglades to the West.

Parkland’s outdoor living character is also unique because residents can enjoy a multitude of outdoor activities year-around including access to parks, trails, golf courses, and wildlife. Sunny South Florida weather also allows Parkland homeowners and property mangers a number of aesthetically pleasing landscaping options that preserve Parkland’s small-town character and hospitality.

This year has seen some amazing lifestyle-centric designs and trends in Parkland and abroad. Next year looks to be following right in its footsteps.

Today we are sharing five of the most important landscape design trends of 2018, including three we expect to live on into 2019 and five new outdoor living trends for the new year.

Read on to find out more and how you can make your outdoor living space resemble that of Parkland.

2018 outdoor living trends

  1. Experiential Spaces: 2018 was all about getting experiential. According to more than ever before, folks were creating outdoor oases that fit their interests and lifestyle. Design ideas included yoga and meditation gardens and dream kitchens for the grill lover.
  2. Lifestyle and stage designs: Lifestyle-specific designs were also big in 2018. Throughout 2018 we saw more and more people focused on choosing landscape design that best fit their stage of life. For example, families with young children are opting for gardens that are kid-friendly, while younger singles are opting for lower maintenance landscapes.
  3. Wellness Spaces: The past few years have seen the boom of the wellness and self-care industries, and outdoor spaces have not been left out. With practices of mindfulness and serenity meditation on the rise, home owners have created dedicated spaces for relaxation that might include plants, flowers, or water features.
  4. Climate-Thoughtful Outdoor Spaces: With dramatic climate changes throughout the country, landscape design has begun to focus more on being prepared for less predictable and more extreme weather conditions. Designs have included coverings such as a pergola for times of rain and hearty plants that are more likely to withstand difficult weather conditions.
  5. Pantone-Inspired Landscape Design: The pantone color of the year has seen a great rise in popularity for everything from stationary to fashion, and outdoor landscapes have not been left out of this popular trend. The 2018 Pantone color of the year was ultra violet, a shade of purple. Gardens in 2018 saw a huge emphasis on purple, with floral selections such as violets, wild lavender, and petunias.

Outdoor living trends we expect to see continue

  1. Experiential spaces are here to stay. With great options such as pools and equally as impressive pool decks, putting greens and golf holes, and expansive fire pits with amazing outdoor seating and accents. People will continue to seek experiences in 2019, including those in their own backyard.
  2. Wellness Spaces: The wellness trend bubble is far from bursting and we expect to see this trend grow in popularity in the landscape design world throughout 2019. From yoga and meditation gardens, to organic vegetable gardens, and reflection ponds, wellness spaces are here to stay.
  3. Pantone-Inspired color schemes: While we don’t yet know the 2019 Pantone color of the year, we expect the influence of the color institute’s selection to remain an important influence throughout the many facets of landscape design in the year to come. From floral selection to tile selection, furniture, outdoor kitchens, and everything in between, the Pantone influence is strong.

New outdoor living trends for 2019

  1. Vibrant Colors: Move over monochromatic yards and gardens, vibrant colors are on the horizon for 2019. Expect to see bright accents, stunning pops of color within flower gardens and beds and colorful outdoor furniture to bring in this 2019 trend.
  2. DIY and Homemade Accents: Ecofriendly projects will continue and are expected to boom in 2019. With the staying power of sites such as Etsy, handmade, homemade, DIY, and projects that reuse and recycle are expected to be more popular than ever this next year. Expect to see handmade or upcycled bird houses, signs, and water barrels to add some art to landscape design this year to come.
  3. Bringing the indoors out and the outdoors in: Especially in warmer climates such our lovely south Florida, the connection between indoors and out is expected to be stronger than ever. With trends such as outdoor kitchens and dining areas, functional patios, and decks, people are spreading further and further outside. Also expect to see things like windows and bars that connect the indoor and outdoor kitchens, perfect for passing food and drinks between.
  4. Asymmetry: This is a trend that seems to shift with the decades and as we shift into 2017 we expect to see more movement away from perfectly symmetrical landscape design to move funky patterns with asymmetrical patterns and pops of unique details. Expect to find plants, flowers and grasses in a variety of geometric shapes.
  5. Fruits, Vegetables, & Herbs: Another trend out of the wellness space, people of all ages are prioritizing yard and garden space for growing their own food, a trend we expect to grow even more prominent in 2019. Fruits, vegetables and herbs do double duty by creating food and adding color and beautiful centerpieces and accents to landscape design.

No matter your preference of styles and trends, Broward Landscape Design will be thrilled to be a part of developing or updating your outdoor living space for 2019.

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