Horse racing is one of the most prized industries in the state of New York. There are horse tracks all over. You have Belmont, Saratoga and Aqueduct just to name a few of the most famous tracks. The horses run in these races at these tracks are beautiful creatures, and they are run hard and fast. Very often these horses get hurt, have health issues or get sick. There are also times where the horses need vitamins and supplements. This is where racing supplements come in to save the horse owner, trainer or breeder’s day. is the online leader in not only horse racing, but, in dog & camel racing as well, for everything that your racing animal needs. RacehorseMeds has an extensive category of amino acids along with vitamins & minerals, bleeding products & blood builders, breathing & respiratory agents, calming products & sedatives, joint & pain supplements, post-race recovery products, power builders, stomach meds, performance supplements, and products that aid in weight & conditioning. Take a look at the specials that they are offering RIGHT NOW on a variety of the products that are listed.


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Remember, that horses are an investment. They are not a frugal investment. With the cost of the horse comes the maintenance and upkeep. The horse’s health is of utmost importance. This is true whether you are racing the horse or not, but all the more so if you are racing it. If you are looking for the best prices and the largest catalog of racing products, vitamins, and supplements, you have to check out the inventory at And please keep in mind that these products are not only for horses. carries products for camel and dog racing as well. It is and will always be, your one-stop racing animal supplements headquarters. There is not another site online that has a larger inventory or better prices on what you need for your racing animal needs.