Last week at Miami’s Art Basel, one of the world’s largest and most prestigious art shows, ultra-fine money artist Josh Leidolf aka TRAN$PARENT, (@transparentartist on Instagram), absolutely stole the show. From hosting the opening party with local Miami Heat NBA superstar Dwyane Wade and 305 Films to collaborations with Lamborghini featured on an Italian Lire to charities and private installations at South Beach Hotels, Miami Penthouses and Wynwood Hotspots, TRAN$PARENT officially made his mark on the art world forever.

For an established artist, having one, two or even three art installations during Art Basel Miami is a blessing. TRAN$PARENT had FOURTEEN different exhibitions displaying his various domestic currency, international currency and cryptocurrency pieces. As an Art Basel Miami “first time artist” the world can’t stop talking about TRAN$PARENT’S skillset, artwork, message and his work ethic.

TRAN$PARENT is turning a lot of heads in the art world. He specializes in all American paper currency denominations ranging from $1-$10,000 bills. But he doesn’t just do his art with American currency. He uses foreign notes like British Pounds, European Euros, Chinese Yuans and Israeli Shekels. He is even doing his transparent art with Cryptocurrency. TRAN$PARENT is the only “money artist” on the planet depicting all three layers of the bill. This means, the front of the bill, the back of the bill and the middle security features typically hidden to the naked eye. He uses museum quality archival metallic papers press mounted in between fine art acrylic and aircraft aluminum in a gallery contemporary setting.

His art is transparent, his artist name is TRAN$PARENT and his message to humanity is one of transparency. TRAN$PARENT believes there are a lot of falsehoods in the world today, so he encourages and urges his fellow man and woman to practice a life based on truth and transparency. He states, “No matter how much money you make, always stay true to your loved ones, to your business associates, but most importantly to YOURSELF.” His pieces are 100% ready to hang and properly shipped in handmade wooden crates, professionally, every time. The way art is supposed to be shipped. With care and precision. His art is completely cutting edge and totally revolutionary and is guaranteed to arrive in perfect condition no matter what state or country you live in.

In a short amount of time, TRAN$PARENT has already raised over a HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS for various charities from the Boys and Girls Club to the Special Olympics. He has had his art displayed at numerous high-end boutique galleries. As clients of his art, he has famous athletes, affluent art enthusiasts & politicians as collectors and has a line of celebrities endorsing his detailed and revolutionary transparent money art. If you see the beauty and sheer refractive nature of his images you will become a believer instantly. They are incredible, displayed almost like a Peter Lik with only way more history and power. Just one of his pieces, properly lit, can make an entire room glow with energy. You truly must experience one in person for yourself to understand the grandeur and detailed nature of one of TRAN$PARENT’s pieces of advanced luxury money art.

But let’s get back to Basel. They say Samuel L. Jackson is the hardest working actor in Hollywood, but TRAN$PARENT was the hardest working artist at Art Basel Miami this year. He had fourteen documented installations, events, collaborations and charities that he presented at during this year’s Art Basel Miami.

It started at the Pre-Basel festivities where TRAN$PARENT’s artwork was on display at the famous and iconic South Beach art hotel, The Sagamore, where he donated a piece of his fine money art to help raise money for Magen David Adom and The Art of Saving Lives In Israel at their inaugural event. This was a glorious night where he, Janie & Ron Kupferman and Judy & Monroe Milstein received special thanks from the for doing everything that they could, to raise money to fund emergency first responders responsible for saving the lives of innocent victims in Israel.

Not even 36 hours later, a number of TRAN$PARENT’s art pieces were on full display at the Little Lighthouse Foundation’s Famous Season Opening White Party at Island Garden’s on Watson Island in Miami, called Blanc de Blancs. The event also featured some of Miami’s top restaurants, caterers and famous DJs like Vanjee, Nadav Vee, and the opening set by Noel. A pop-up fashion show from Notorious Swimwear took place from 3 PM to 5 PM. Additional Sponsors included Elite Model Management, Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Brickell City Centre, Swire Properties, Saks Fifth Avenue Brickell City Centre, the Official Magazine Partner, Miami Magazine and the Official Yachting Partner, Yacht Life with Founder Patrick Curley. Famous artist Eddy Bogaert was also there displaying his gorgeous work.

Later that same night he was in attendance for a meet and greet with a line around the corner of fans, artists and collectors that wanted to meet him in a famous gallery where his art is being showcased in Miami at the Curator’s Voice Art Project located at 350 NE 75th St UNIT 105 MIAMI, FL 33138. TRAN$PARENT was one of the few artists, globally, chosen this year by world renown art curator Milagros Bello, PhD to compete in ART CONTEST MIAMI/ART BASEL SEASON 2018. Many said his art displayed was the most unique, beautiful and expressive in the entire gallery.

Not even a full 36 hours after this event, his talents were on full display at South Beach’s Blockchain World Open – International Crypto Installment in front of some of the brightest minds in the blockchain game for the unveiling of his gorgeous cryptocurrency collection of his gold and silver Bitcoin pieces. Cryptocurrency gurus such as Brock Pierce and Jeremy Gardner were in attendance and in full support of his art and career and even famous CryptoZink CEO Noel Borges purchased several pieces from TRAN$PARENT including his first Bitcoin piece ever with Bitcoin itself being the method of payment! Quite fitting for the occasion and particular pieces of fine art.

The very next night TRAN$PARENT got together with several other famous artists including pop artists Kyle Schindler & Jason Skeldon, Kre8 and Eddy Bogaert at the White and Sparkle Gala at the SLS Hotel South Beach to raise money for underprivileged children in Haiti and Mexico. It was hosted by Founder Aura Copeland for the Les Couleurs Charity at the hotel’s iconic artsy pool area.

Just twenty-four hours later TRAN$PARENT had a solo exhibition at the National Hotel South Beach displaying two of his incredible collaborations that he did on an Italian Lire with Lamborghini and Lamborghini Winery and Champagne. On this amazing night, there was high end food and drinks served, live music playing, multiple celebrities in attendance, and his amazing larger than life 1 of only 2 on planet Earth Concept Slant Nose Convertible Wrapped H1 Hummer, sponsored by The New Auto Toy Store and Mimessi Auto Design – Boca Wraps and Tints, that was parked outside of the hotel in valet on Collins and on full display equipped with professional spot lights and gorgeous supermodels. The event was a huge success, but the night wasn’t even close to being over for the young talented artist.

He headed straight to 305 Films at Toe Jam Backlot in Miami’s famous Wynwood art district for his grand opening Art Basel Miami party with NBA Superstar Dwyane Wade, rapper Flo Rida, rapper Trina, Miami Heat star Udonis Haslem, Movie and Video Music Director Gil Green, Producer and 305 Films Owner Judd Allison, Miami Marlins players & pop icon Pitbull. TRAN$PARENT had his custom 305 bill/plate pieces on display all through the venue on this memorable night where everyone in attendance was able to eat, sing and dance the night away with some of their favorite celebrities and artists! The new Miami Heat 305 logo that he created, some say, is the coolest Heat logo to date and the NBA team should consider purchasing this design from him and using it in their branding.

Thursday night turned out to be as exciting as the kickoff itself, where TRAN$PARENT had an ultra-high net worth, super private art installation that was hosted in the $31,000,000 upper penthouse of the Porsche Design Tower Miami owned by Gil Dezer and sponsored by Macallan Scotch. This night was a massive success for all involved. This is one of the most advanced buildings in the world, where each unit allows for the owner’s car or cars to be brought up in the elevator to the owner’s unit with the owner each time upon arrival. Over 75 members of a super exclusive international financial club graced him with their presence and check books to make the night a massive success. Widely known King Saladeen and Spencer “Mar” Guilburt were other artists on display at that particular event. TRAN$PARENT’s beautifully wrapped Hummer graced the main entrance to the building as well for all to see. He tried to bring it to the Penthouse, to park it in the nine car garage, but it missed the clearance by 4 inches. This beast was custom built by Master P and the other one is owned by Arnold Schwarzenegger himself.

From there, he drove the Hummer or as he calls it, “The TRAN$PARENT TRAIN”, due to the legit train horn installed, to the iconic and exclusive Wynwood Garage owned by Alp Eke for his private jewelry/art party with famous Beverly Hills Celebrity Jeweler Peter Marco. A lot of famous celebrities were in attendance for this event as millions of dollars in jewelry, rare cars and art were sold, champagne flowed all night and the DJs spun the night away.

The following night at the Fairwind Hotel South Beach, he had his art on display for an exclusive artist’s meet and greet party and his interview on the red carpet with Lisa Sussman. Other artists on display that evening were world famous sculptor Sal Zagami and talented known Canadian painter Daniel Stanford.

He capped off an unforgettable week by donating a piece to benefit his young friend Jordan at a private function hosted by Peter Hendrickson to raise money for his family in need. Later that evening several of his pieces were being showcased at Miami’s gorgeous Tartan Art Warehouse with Jah the Loveist, and finally his installation at Wynwood’s Secret Gardens private installment with his Lamborghini Lire and wrapped Hummer displayed, with multiple celebrities in attendance including famed music and movie producer Noel Osborne and Forbes journalist Christiana Roget.

“This is what twenty hours of work a day for months on end looks like. I just want to thank all my new supporters, followers and collectors for these amazing opportunities. I want to thank all of the incredible artists that I got to meet and befriend. But most importantly to my team of all-stars: Domenica Rossi (PR), Kevin Kerney (Sales), Jonathan Frank (Brand Ambassador), Joe Benson (Event Coordinator) and Jordan Robinson (Artist’s Manager), you guys rock and every single day we get one step closer to spreading our message of transparency and faith!” – TRAN$PARENT 2018


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Keep it transparent and have a wonderful day!

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Written by:
Joshua Weiss