The police have decided to release the body cam footage of Saturday’s police-involved shooting in the South Shore neighborhood of Chicago in the 2000 block of East 71st Street. Around 5:30 pm officers say they saw a man with a gun and attempted to question him then a confrontation broke out and the man ended up being shot and dying.

The thirty-seven-year-old man, Harith Augustus was a well-known barber in the South Shore area. People said he would bring his five-year-old daughter to work with him on a daily basis. Augustus, police said had a valid firearm owners’ id card but detectives did not find a permit to carry a concealed weapon. Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said Augustus wasn’t a known gang member and had no arrest history.

According to NBC Miami, “The video, which lacks sound, shows four officers approaching Augustus outside a store on the city’s South Side. An officer points to Augustus’ waist and he backs away. Three officers try to grab his arms and he tries to get away, backing into a police cruiser as his shirt flies up and shows the gun. Augustus then runs away and into the street as a police SUV drives up. He spins and darts between the SUV and the police cruiser as he reaches toward his waist. Augustus did not fire his weapon and the footage does not show him pulling the gun out of its holster, though he does appear to try to grab something at his waist, Guglielmi said. Police also released a 50-second slow-motion clip showing Augustus reaching toward his waist. It’s not clear if he was going for the weapon.”

Chicago, a city well-known for shootings and one of the highest death rates in the country was meet with angry protestors about the killing. According to police, people took to the streets and threw bottles filled with urine at officers. Police were forced to pull people to the ground and hit them with batons.

The video had been ordered and quickly released to dispel rumors that Harith Augustus, 37, was unarmed. The 30-second clip made public was released in hopes of preventing another confrontation between the public and the police.

This is the third time in the last two weeks that someone has been shot by a Chicago police officer, they have had several problems with police shootings. 


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